Freewheel Socket


Freewheel Socket, Multi-Speed 12-Spline x 23mm

Socket Tool for Multi-Speed Freewheels

Pedro's socket tools provide a professional quality, precision fit tools required to properly install, remove, and adjust modern drivetrain components. Pedro's designed each socket tool to fit perfectly protecting the component and ensuring simple and safe usage for the mechanic.

The Cassette Lockring Socket is designed to work seamlessly with Pedro's snap-channel Pro Socket handle, any 24mm socket/wrench or in a bench vise.

  • Fits Shimano®, Sun Race®, Sachs®, and other 12 spline, 22.7mm diameter 5–10 speed freewheels and all Campagnolo® cassette lockrings and Record™, Chorus™, Centaur™, and Athena™ bottom brackets.
  • Professional quality and precision sized for the perfect fit.
  • Designed to work with Pedro's snap-channel Pro Socket Handle, a 24mm socket or wrench, or in a bench vise.

    (art. 6451230)