Torque wrenches have become an essential bicycle tool.  The increase in carbon fiber bikes and components have driven the need.  While carbon fiber allows for more optimal design and provides a far higher strength to weight ratio compared to steel and aluminum, it is also more susceptible to crushing and cracking when improperly set up.

Pedro's Grande Torque Wrench features a 350mm length designed for left-hand or right-hand thread 10-80Nm torque settings required for bottom brackets, cassette lockrings, and other high torque components.  A unique push-through, reversible, 3/8" ratchet drive delivers superior durability and reliability. This click-type torque wrench makes an audible “click” when desired torque is reached and is quickly set in 0.5Nm increments using a micrometer-style dial and simple locking mechanism.  

The Grande Torque Wrench also features heat-treated steel construction for accuracy, strength, and reliability, and includes a 3/8" square to 1/2" square adapter and a 3/8" square to 1/4" hex adapter.   Accurate to within +/- 4 percent.   Backed by a Pedro's two year warranty.

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 Grande Torque Manual